Sunday, November 8, 2015


     You've heard the sayings..... "the more, the merrier", "two minds are better then one", "safety in numbers", "teamwork makes the dream work". So....basically to sum things up, EVERYTHING in life is better when you're not alone. 

     I read somewhere that "Loneliness is the only real disability", We all know the power of relationships to heal us and make us feel whole. The importance of belonging somewhere is key to our happiness and as basic a human need as is food and shelter. 

        Drum roll...ta da!

Our new home at Ghana Make a Difference (GMAD)

When the lease was up (after two years) in our home we knew that our next move needed to be somewhere where our kids could be around other children everyday. We had seen them blossom and progress with the TLC they were receiving, but they were isolated and it became obvious to us that beyond the care they were getting they needed something more.

They needed to feel included and be part of something bigger. As luck would have it our prayers for them were answered when we found the wonderful organization, GMAD. GMAD was already committed to caring for Ghana's most vulnerable children who were orphaned, or rescued from child labor trafficking. Like us, the founders of GMAD, also dream of a future where all of the children of Ghana will be accepted, cared for, included and loved. 

So we set about building our new Acacia Shade home in the GMAD compound and have dedicated it to always and forever house children with disabilities, building it big enough for the possibility of adding even more of these special kids in the future.  

Together with GMAD, we are creating this incredible model of inclusion where our kids become their kids and part of something our kids have never known, bringing for the first time social support, a sense of community and the opportunity to interact with their peers. Seriously, how happy do these pics make you? We couldn't be more excited for this new move.

I have just returned from Ghana where miracles were preformed once again as a house was built in just under two months and our kids were moved in, greeted by bunches of happy children welcoming them home. 

We will continue to work hard to raise the money needed to finish off the list of things at the house ( tile, landscaping, etc.)and to help the nearby school acquire a Special-Ed teacher as well as adding ramps and other necessary changes there to accommodate our kids.

 For the Next little while our efforts will be focused at GMAD while we work to create a successful model of Inclusion that we hope to then replicate throughout all of Ghana. Dream big or go home... or in this case we dreamed big and built a home, and with all the love that went it to getting it built and the sweet little occupants it will house,  it might just be the happiest home on the planet.


view from our front porch

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