Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dreadlocks, Reggae and the "Sweet Art Gallery"

He goes by RASTA......

One of the coolest things about Ghana is the local talent, wether it's wood-carving, bead-making, playing the djembe drums in a Rastafarian Reggae band, or in the case of Ras Sweet,(who goes by Rasta because of his 18+inch dreads and Rastafarian beliefs)  it's ALL OF THE ABOVE.

How seriously cool is that? He is a true renaissance man!

Meet Rasta

We LOVE his wood-carvings and therefore have decided to give everyone the chance to own a "RASTA original". So...... Acacia Shade commissioned him to carve our very own Nativity Sets, which we sell on our website to raise money for our foundation.
Each set is unique and masterfully carved by Rasta himself.

$75.00 for an all hand-carved, 12 piece set.
WE can promise you will love it!

And just to be clear......We are under no illusion as to the fact that it is no where near Christmas time. Talent knows no season, besides think how nice it will be to be so ahead of the game! 

Buy yours today here:

Acacia Shade Nativity Set

Thanks Rasta for sharing your talent with us!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Buy a Necklace, Help a Child, and BONUS.... make your mom proud!


Okay...... We are a board of all moms, we have moms, and we know what moms want... and we are telling you that moms LOVE when their kids give back! 

There is no better gift that you could get for your mom this Mother's day then an 

Acacia Shade Necklace.

By giving her this gift you are also giving a child the gift of a life that every one of God's children deserves.

Trust us on this one.

They are $50.00 each and so much better then giving her flowers or chocolate any day, because every time she puts it on she will smile knowing that because of her thoughtful child (sister,friend,mom,husband,aunt,cousin.. you get the point),
 a child out there In Ghana 
is feeling the love!

Order yours today (from the links below) for all those moms in your life, we all have one, or know one, and love one.

The good people at Arhaus Catalog have joined our cause by helping us produce and sell our Acacia Shade Necklace. The cost of the first 300 necklaces has been donated to our foundation... meaning 100% from the sale of these will all go directly to the care of these children. 
Thank you Arhaus!

or  you can buy one off our website at