Thursday, November 20, 2014



I am constantly baffled by this thing called "time"….. . It sweeps through our busy lives and leaves us wondering how could it possibly be another year where it ( time) has eluded us once again.

It has been a good first year at Acacia Shade. Four little children have flourished in our care and we have seen first hand what is capable when little spirits and bodies are given the love and care they deserve.
We have been overwhelmed at times, both by the responsibilities we have undertaken, and by the hearts ( and donations) of generous, good people who have recognized the importance of what we are trying to do.
Of course there have been enormous challenges, which have caused us to wonder.. "how are we ever going to do this?" but somehow we figured it out and once again "time" allowed us the chance to get it right. 

There has been a lot of learning, and growing going on this past year for all of us, but it's the children's milestones that have left us just giddy with delight. Our hearts rejoice to see Esi able to complete a giant floor puzzle all by herself, and almost potty trained to boot! She is learning to use a walker and has become the beloved older sister to her three younger housemates. This sweet girl has transformed herself and we are so excited at the possibilities in her future. 

The other children are also a far cry from the lifeless, despondent, children we gathered up from the orphanage over a year ago. They are growing and learning everyday and most importantly have joy and love in their lives. 

It has been a great start and we are proud of where we have come.
With a year under our belt, we are feeling good about what we have learned, accomplished and how lives have changed.

Now we are faced with the question of "what to do next", how do we proceed from here to grow… to reach out and help more children? 

The answers are coming and, God-willing, big changes are in store for us in the coming year. We are currently working with several organizations in Ghana who are aligned with our cause and exciting things are under way at Acacia Shade. 

Yes… there is so much more to be done, things to be learned, memories to be made and more people to cherish and love. "Time" is a good thing and there never seems to be enough of it. 

So…..Here I am again, wondering about "time"….. what will it bring? how will lives change, and how will hearts grow. 
I know "time" will tell, and I am hopeful.