Monday, February 18, 2013


Launching our website

After months of waiting, working, planning and (most importantly) praying..... our web-site is ready to launch. If you are here reading this blog, then that means you made it to our web-site, care about us and hopefully want to help this great cause....We thank you.

Getting to this point was no small feat for our team of dedicated board members. I don't want to say we are clue-less(because we're all pretty smart!)but not one of us had a clue as to how a group of seven moms with a common, searing desire to make a difference in the life of these suffering, forgotten children could even begin to realize our goals here . Well.....where there's a will there's a way ....and almost a year later from our very first meeting, here we are ..... We are now official and raising money to run our foster homes in a country that has become, for various reasons, so near and dear to our hearts.

I have returned recently from Ghana where, with the help of our selfless and amazing board members over there and the Ghanian Department of Social Welfare, we have targeted five at-risk, disabled children. These children are merely surviving in less than desirable conditions in an orphanage in Accra. With your help, we can move them into a loving home where they will have the specialized, life-giving care that they will never receive otherwise.

We are not above begging for help here, and are pleading with you to pass along our good cause to any friends and family who would be willing to help. Please follow our blog (and see what we can accomplish together), like us on face book and email our web-site link to everyone you know. These children need your continued support.  

We can promise that you will feel "the love" when you plant trees under whose shade-giving protection you will never sit...but others will.  Acacia Shade....that's what it's all about.