Sunday, December 1, 2013



The chorus of a certain Beatles song started playing through my head recently while looking at the latest photos from our Acacia Shade home. Especially so, after reading the favorable updates on the children from their caregivers there. 

Apparently John Lennon and Paul McCartney were right on the money when they were crooning about the value of this most basic of human needs. Any question as to wether a little TLC rendered can throw a life of neglect into reverse and spin it in the direction of hope, has been put to the test and can be answered with a resounding YES it can!

It has only been a few short months on this steady diet of food for the body and soul and these children are flourishing like a "shade tree in its native soil". When I look at these photos I can't seem to smile wide enough to do justice to the joy it gives me. And when I think about our kids ( ours, yours... we are their family now) I no longer worry about what will become of them, because I know they have a future now that is filled with promise, uniquely their own with nothing to hold them back. 

I am longing get back to Ghana and see their smiling faces, hug them and give them a high five to let them know how incredably proud I am of them for being such little fighters. For taking life by the reigns and riding it through the storms, while patiently waiting for the sun to shine, so they could shine. And shine they do, in all their brilliance casting a warmth on those lucky enough to be in the realm of their existence. 

 Okay, seriously, how happy do these pics make you?

Esi racing to the dinner table... and I love the four small bowls of soup ready to fill four happy little tummies.

So happy to be the first one there, it really is the small things for these kids. 

 Esi helping Zumah learn her shapes and what it feels like to have a big sister. 

High fives and hand shakes for Zumah, crawling like a champ. 

Along with these pics came updates  and stories on each of the children. They told of clapping, and dancing, and crawling and growing. Laughing, and sleeping, and helping and learning. The house is as I expected it to be, brimming with praise, warmth and a continual flow of that thing that is sometimes all we need to change a life. Love.