Sunday, June 16, 2013


A small village in Ghana is where this all began... or was it?

People often ask me how we came to adopt a child from Ghana. To be honest, the thought had never even crossed my mind until about 5 years ago after two of my siblings adopted these beautiful little seven and eight year old Ghanian girls. One thing led to another and then a series of happenstance events( or as I call them, miracles)led me to the village where I met our son Kwasi.

Kwasi (on the day we first met)

 Almost a year later from that first meeting. I met him again for a second time as he officially became a member of our family, and he and I were soon on a plane bound for America to his new family, and a new life for us all. 

He came to us this small, malnourished eleven year old boy, having no useful schooling, speaking very little english and having absolutely no knowledge of a world that existed outside the forested surroundings of his small village in the hills of Ghana. I joke that it was like having a two year old in an eleven year old body because he basically had to learn everything starting from the beginning. 

And so began this adventure for our family...and one that has undeniably blessed us all in ways that could never have been otherwise. Kwasi makes us smile every day and always helps us remember those things that are most important in life. To say he is a remarkable boy is far from adequate and although as his mother, I may have taught him a thing or two in the past four years, there is no question who has taught whom the most.

It's strange when I think that he has only been my child for four years because I feel like I have known, and loved him all my life. I have no doubt that God sent him to me. I can't imagine how I could have pulled through some recent events in my life without this sweet young boy who, not only loves me deeply and is my fierce protector, but is still dependent on me and needs my mothering for years to come. He helped give my life the renewed purpose it needed.

 Because I am not his birth mother I cannot hold claim to his inbred goodness, his pure heart, and that calm and steady spirit he was born with. But, I like to think his love for chocolate (and all things sweet), his joy in serving, his appreciation of nature, and his deep love of God and family come from me....and so I do. 

Who would have known that this little boy that I found four years ago, brought into my heart and thought I was rescuing would be the one to rescue me?
God Knew.
God Knew and he led me to him. There are no words from this mother's heart to adequately thank him for that. 
But,I will always try... and I know he knows this too.


May 2013