Saturday, September 7, 2013


Changing Lives...... it's a good thing.

A week ago today I was in Ghana doing something that would change a life forever......MINE. 

After months of planning, raising money, negotiating, dreaming, emailing, begging, hoping, and most importantly... PRAYING. The time had come, and I found myself signing a document that would undoubtedly alter my life and heart forever. It was one of those defining moments in my life as four little children were assembled behind me while I signed the papers that would release them into the custody of our Foundation. 
My dream that had begun years earlier while visiting that very orphanage with my family had now become a reality.


The enormity of what was happening was in no way "lost" on me as I signed my name in exchange for the responsibility of these children for the duration of their lives. I am fully aware that the Ghanian Government is expecting us to care for them indefinitely.

That is a humbling thought indeed and as I work my angles to secure the funding needed to sustain them, I realize that the feeling of urgency to do so, is a feeling that I will come to know well. It's not a bad thing nor do I see it as such, for it is what will keep me motivated to 'go to bat' for those who cannot swing the bat for themselves. Those who now depend on our foundation to sustain their lives.

It's hard to describe the emotions of that day, and I have thought about it plenty over the days since. Certainly there were feelings of such joy and relief mixed with a bit of worry and doubt.... only because we didn't know these kids or their backgrounds, capabilities, how they would adjust, or even if they would like us. 

I had prayed for, and thought about them everyday since meeting them last October. For ten months I had imagined how happy and relieved I would be once we finally got them safely into our home there, and could begin to change their lives. Surely that would produce one of life's indescribable moments.

I had imagined it to be a happy and sweet day, I had imagined to feel a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility. I had imagined my heart to swell with a love for these children whom I was serving and helping. I had imagined to feel some heartache too for the struggles they had endured previously. I had imagined I would feel a satisfaction and renewed purpose in life.

That day did not disappoint.... In fact, my expectations were exceeded and it was a very, very good day indeed.
There was however, one thing that had escaped me in all my imaginings of how amazing and wonderful it would feel to truly change a person life.....and that was that it had never occurred to me once that the life I would be changing the most that day would be my own.